Published January 1, 2024

Issue Description

The Winter 2023 edition of the CISS Insight Journal explores a wide range of global security issues. The first article examines the complexities inherent in India’s strategic postures, which present challenges to maintaining stable deterrence in South Asia. It further explores potential disruptions to regional balance and discusses proactive measures that the West, with a particular emphasis on the United States, can adopt to mitigate these challenges. The second research paper evaluates the evolving dynamics between China and the Middle East, delving into its repercussions on the American military, economic, and political presence in the region. The third paper analyzes India’s recent military modernization, featuring advancements in conventional weaponry, missile capabilities, and defense technologies. It also explores how these transformations can reshape the regional power equilibrium, offering insights for policymakers and strategists navigating the challenges of current security paradigms in South Asia. The fourth article examines the potential for climate diplomacy in South Asia and assesses the feasibility of Pakistan-India cooperation on climate change. The fifth research paper assesses the threat posed by space weapons and explores possible solutions through international law to mitigate this threat. In addition, this issue of CISS Insight Journal includes seven book reviews; one is ‘The Future of Geography: How Power and Politics in Space Will Change Our World,’ the second is ‘Atlas of AI: Power, Politics, and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence,’ third is ‘Maritime Cybersecurity: A Guide for Leaders and Managers,’ fourth is ‘US Presidents and Cold War Nuclear Diplomacy,’ fifth is ‘Saffron Republic: Hindu Nationalism and State Power in India,’ sixth is ‘Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World,’ seventh is ‘The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine.’


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