Published April 3, 2023

Issue Description

The winter 2022 edition of CISS Insight discusses a wide range of contemporary international and regional strategic issues. The five research papers in this publication cover different themes ranging from interconnection of deterrence and diplomacy to renewed big power competition. The first research paper deals with India’s motivations behind conflict deferment and Pakistan’s efforts at conflict resolution. The second paper deals with the US unipolar hegemony and its axis to contain China-Russia informal alliance. The third research paper lays out NPT’s discriminatory approach in India’s favor and its impact on nuclear non-proliferation and arms control regimes. The fourth article discusses Hindutva becoming the guiding principle for shaping Indian decision-making processes and its impact on regional strategic stability. The fifth article looks at renewed great power competition and future of nuclear non-proliferation.

Towards the end, the issue includes reviews of four books on a variety of themes including US-China rivalry, technology and global struggle for power, strategies of nuclear proliferation and geopolitics of Asia Pacific.

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