Vol. 6 No. 2 (2018): A Journal of Strategic Studies - Winter 2018

Terrorist Threat on Internet: Current Global Response

Ms. Afeera Firdous
Research Assistant at the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS)
Published December 31, 2018
  • Terrorism, Internet,
  • Cyberspace,
  • ISIS,
  • UN,
  • Google,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook
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Ms. Afeera Firdous. (2018). Terrorist Threat on Internet: Current Global Response . CISS Insight Journal, 6(2), 83 - 106. Retrieved from https://journal.ciss.org.pk/index.php/ciss-insight/article/view/24


This paper differentiates between conceptual foundations of cyberterrorism and terrorist activities on the internet. The changed nature of terrorist threats on the Internet such as emergence of lone wolf attackers, advent of new techniques like narrowcasting and extensive use of social media for online terror financing and e-marketing have widened its effect on the common man. This changed nature of threat makes it important to understand the ways and techniques terrorists are using on the internet to attract the masses. This paper also describes the efforts of international or regional organizations and global social media companies against the terrorist use of the internet. Finally, this study assesses the remaining gaps in the current global counter-measures against terrorism in cyberspace because of which terrorist organizations and individual terrorist are still successful in their heinous purposes.