Published September 26, 2022

Issue Description

The summer 2022 issue of CISS insight covers an array of security and strategic issues. It has an account of various emerging strategic and security challenges pertinent to the strategic stability of the South Asian region and beyond. The first article draws attention to the Modi government’s pursuit of policies to win 2024 elections. The second paper highlights the strategic realignment within the Middle East as a preeminent outcome of the Abraham Accords. The third article is a detailed study of the Indo-US strategic convergence and its implications for South Asia. The fourth research paper deals with India’s Growing Strategic Capabilities and Doctrinal Shift and its likely effect on region’s Strategic Stability. The last article is an assessment of the implementation of UNSC DPRK Sanctions Regime in South Asia.

In addition, this issue of CISS Insight includes five book reviews; one is ‘Subcontinent Adrift: Strategic Futures of South Asia’, the second is ‘The Difficult Politics of Peace: Rivalry in Modern South Asia’, third is ‘Striking Asymmetries: Nuclear Transitions in Southern Asia’, the fourth is ‘War Transformed: The Future of Twenty-First-Century Great Power Competition and Conflict’ and the fifth is ‘How to Avert a Climate Disaster’.

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