Published April 7, 2022

Issue Description

The winter 2021 issue of CISS insight discuses a wide range of contemporary regional and global strategic issues. It has an account of various emerging strategic and security challenges pertinent to the strategic stability of the South Asian region and beyond. The first article draws attention to the recurring India-Pakistan crises and discusses the danger of an inadvertent escalation in south Asia. The second paper highlights Pakistan’s geopolitical challenges as well as explores opportunities in its neighborhood. The third article is a detailed study of Sino-Indian conflict and analyses its diverse interpretations. The fourth research paper deals with the factors that played an imperative role in derailment of Iran’s nuclear deal and discusses the relative efficacy of diplomacy—a liberal institutional approach as opposed to strategic coercion.. The last article is a critical analysis of the claimed objectives of AUKUS deal in Asia-Pacific.

In addition, this issue of CISS Insight includes two book reviews; one is ‘Identity: The Demand for Dignity and The Politics of Resentment’ and the second is ‘The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World’.

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