Published August 9, 2021

Issue Description

Summer 2021 issue of CISS Insight discusses a wide range of security and strategic issues. The five research papers in this publication cover different themes that can impact strategic stability regionally as well as globally. The first paper analyses modernization of India’s maritime capabilities that can trigger crisis instability in the region whereas the second paper explores Pakistan’s efforts to counter, growing Indian naval power, under the strategy of Anti-Access/AreaDenial. The third article looks at the reasons of Iran’s hardline ideology against the West, Western powers’ efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program and its impact on regional security. The fourth article deals with the role of social media companies in propagating false news and disinformation and its effect on elections. The last paper draws attention to the possibility of terrorism in space and the need to develop collaborative efforts by states and international organizations to deal with the threat.

In the last part, the issue include reviews of two books on Sino-US competition.

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