Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022): Journal of Strategic Studies, Winter 2022
Book Reviews

The Wires of War: Technology and Global Struggle for Power, Jacob Helberg

Areesha Anwar
Research Officer at the Center for International Strategic Studies Sindh (CISSS)
CISS Insight Journal of Strategic Studies December 2022
Published April 3, 2023
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Areesha Anwar. (2023). The Wires of War: Technology and Global Struggle for Power, Jacob Helberg. CISS Insight Journal, 10(2), P100-103. Retrieved from http://journal.ciss.org.pk/index.php/ciss-insight/article/view/237


In the last thirty years, emerging technologies have transformed the character of war. Cyberspace has now become an additional battlefield. Cyberattacks to sabotage a state’s critical infrastructure, cyber espionage to get sensitive information and Internet for fire-hosing or flooding for propaganda and misinformation have posed several new challenges to states’ security. Moreover, the increasing threat of ransomware has become a major concern around the globe. Ransomware attacks on Colonial Gas Pipeline, JBS Meat, and software supply chains such as hacking SolarWinds aggravated cybersecurity concerns across the US. These attacks also led to the issuance of National Security Memorandum to improve cybersecurity for national security by President Biden.